Survival Kits – What Money Should You Have

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People without disaster survival kits will be the first to venture out to the stores in times of crisis.  Most people will fall into this category.  Essential items like water, milk and bread will be ripped off the shelves quickly. Batteries and even candles and matches will all be bought up in a hurry. Rioting could be a real problem, so the owner of the store will have to limit the number of items each person can buy.  Lines might stretch for blocks.  Even if there are a hundred bottles of water on the shelves, there may be 200 people who want them.

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We are living pretty much in a cashless society.  People use credit cards, checks and debit cards.  If you lose power in a disaster, you can be sure that stores have lost it also.  Depending on the type of disaster, stores may not be damaged too badly, and their merchandise may not be damaged, in that case the owner might even be able open the store.  Assuming the products are not broken or haven’t spoiled, you could buy them.  Well, you could try to buy them at least. Unfortunately, the store owner can’t swipe your credit card or debit card through his machine.  You may have checks, but the owner isn’t set up to deal with them either when the electric is out.  That’s alright because you feel good with three $100 dollar bills in your pocket.  Sadly, the electric cash register will not be working.  You may be able to buy whatever you want with your hundreds, but you won’t get any change.  Other casualties of the electric outage are ATM machines, they won’t give you smaller bills. Therefore, it is important to stock up on cash for your disaster survival kit. Make it twenties, tens, fives, singles and some small change.

Too many people and not enough supplies, no gasoline and your family waiting for you to bring dinner home.  Dinner, what dinner? Depending on the type of disaster, it could be days or even weeks before new supplies can be brought into stores.

For your family and for yourself, begin stocking up now, a minimum of a months worth of the necessities.  Even better would be a 3 month supply of the essentials if something were to happen to a major power station. Your actions now will give you peace of mind in the future. You should not be worried about the costs of your survival supplies for two reasons.  One, when you buy in bulk for an extended survival time means that you will get a better per item price than buying one at a time.  And two, you can use the items you purchase as long as you replace them.  This replacement method has an added benefit of making sure your supplies are safe and usable when they are needed.

Pre-made survival kits are very handy in times when emergency response might be only days away. Visit for more information.

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