First Aid Kits, Safety And Disaster Survival

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Bruises, Burns, And Cuts

The first thing to do for disaster survival is to check everyone to see if they are injured. If there are people with injuries, you will have to get your own first-aid kit.

You will have to think ahead about any possible injuries in advance so you can be prepared. Keep some Bacitracin ointment or Neosporin on hand to treat cuts or scrapes to help prevent infection. Menstrual pads or 4×4 gauze pads could be used on larger cuts. Large wounds may require you to stitch it your self if medical help can not reach your in time. Although you could take an on line CPR or first aid certification course, try making time to attend one personally near you.

Is your home safe?

Earthquake damaged home
Your home could have been extensively damaged in some disasters. After the initial disaster hit, if you are not sure if your house is safe then remain outside. Visually inspect the floors, ceilings and walls of your home to get some idea of the stability of the building. Visible small cracks should not cause major problems. Huge cracks, broken beams or holes in the floor are also signs of serious structural damage.

The Clean-up

Remember, take care of injuries first, then make sure the building you are in is stable, only then should you consider clean up. Broken glass, broken plates and shattered ceramics are sources of additional potential injuries, clean them up first. Depending on the type of disaster, there may be aftershocks or additional explosions so remove any breakables off shelves. Make you and your family as comfortable as possible, and be sure to have your survival kit nearby for food and water.

Neighborhood Safety

Earthquake cracked wall
If you don’t already have a battery operated radio or a solar powered one, get one now. Tune to the emergency broadcast stations in your area to find out what is happening around you and the status of rescue efforts. Being able to find out the status of what the authorities are doing to help can be comforting to you and your family. The water may or may not be safe or hazards like looting may be occurring nearby, you will hear it first on the airways. The radio will keep you apprised of the local conditions and efforts.

If you don’t hear warnings problems with the water supply, be sure to clean out the bathtub, rinsing it well, and fill it – the water could be shut off at any time. Potable water is essential, so gather all the buckets and bottles you can clean and fill them also. Doing this will ensure water for the short term. In the long term you will need a survival kit that contains water purification. Replenishing your body’s water is necessary. You can go without food for weeks or even months but without water  even just a day and your survival will be in desperate straights.

Safeguarding Your Family

In the face of a disaster, most people will reach out to others and help. They will band together against the common problems. Nevertheless, there are people who want to take advantage of the disaster by looting. In a short term disaster survival scenario, looting may be limited to stores with food or resalable merchandise.

Some disasters may last for weeks. The unprepared could begin to threaten you and your family as they seek food and water. You will need some type of defense against others who have not prepared themselves and are looking for food or water. You may want to have some type of weapon on hand for a disaster emergency. Guns work but are dangerous and can be turned against you. Arming yourself should also mean additional training for you in firearm usage and safety. Guns may not be your solution, mace or pepper spray work, a simple baseball bat can level the biggest bully.

Safety first, first aid preparedness and how you will survive, depends on your planning. Do it now!

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Many of us are in denial and beleive that nothing will ever happen and so do not buy anything. I always keep a first aid kit, flashlights, and a portable radio.
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